About Us

Earn Cash With Your PayPal Account

We are an online payment solution company that specializes in enabling diverse payment options for e-commerce websites. For a limited time, you can earn between $100 and $1000/month with your PayPal account. What we do is to ‘rent’ the payee function of your PayPal, without affecting your personal PayPal use. Your first payment will be deposited every Tuesday automatically.

We achieved our success because of how easy and safe we make it for our partners to earn money. When customers make purchases on our clients’ websites, you keep a portion of the revenue while the rest goes to the e-comm site who made the sale.

Before You Register, Please Make Sure You Meet The Requirements

Real PayPal Account

The PayPal account must be YOURS

Age Restriction

You must be at least 18 years old

1 Year Old Account

Your PayPal account must be at least 1 year old

Get Paid Via PayPal

Receive Your Payment Via PayPal linked bank account

How Can I Earn $100-$1000

Our rental programs will follow this process:

  • 1. Register by providing your PayPal account and password
  • 2. You are verified once we login to your PayPal account successfully
  • 3. Register Chime and get your new online banking account activated
  • 4. Provide your Chime account information in order to verify the account
  • 5. We set up your PayPal account as a payee on e-comm websites.
  • 6. Get your monthly rental fee ($100) after your PayPal account was setup as payee on e-comm websites and receive the first online payment successfully (Normally 7 days)
  • 7. Get your commission (up to 5% of the e-comm website revenue) weekly

Commission Range

You will receive monthly commission after being verified with your PayPal account and setup as payee for e-comm websites.

Commission is up to 5% according to different account level.

Estimated monthly revenue for per PayPal account is $60,000.

Payment terms: auto pay via PayPal every 7 days.

Commission Range

Basic Commission 1%
Middle commission (KYC included) 3%

Why We Need To Rent PayPal Accounts From You?

  • Faster withdraw from PayPal to bank. Only US banks can receive withdrawals from PayPal within 1 business day
  • Our clients are wordwide, so we need multiple US PayPal accounts as payee for them

Is this a scam? Will I get ripped off?

No, this is not a scam and you won’t get ripped off. We are online payment solutions using PayPal accounts to setup e-comm online payment.

To reasure your account is 100% safe, please know that:

First of all, we are an Oman company while PayPal only allows US accounts to withdraw in 1 business day. We need to withdraw e-comm revenue from PayPal to our bank as soon as possible to keep healthy cash flow.

Second, e-comm websites require the PayPal accounts to be at least 1 year old and have legitimate activity on them to be accepted as a payee. We don’t have the time to create new US accounts and do a years worth of activity on them, we’d rather rent from you.

What happens to my information?

1) We value and protect our partners’ privacy, and we transfer no personal information to the e-com website, or their customers. If you do provide your PayPal credentials, this information will not be shared and will only be used by our company for the purpose of managing online payments.

2) We will only make transactions of our e-comm website revenue from your PayPal to our bank.

3) Your PayPal account may get banned due to high volume transactions in short time, but it’s always possible to contact PayPal support to unlock your account.

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